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Why we're doing this and why now.

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A digital book for one's medical records, built to create ease and continuity between medical appointments in sharing medical history and getting results from hospitals.


We update the patients' record in realtime from the hospital without our intervention and the data is end-to-end encrypted.


Portability and secure exchange of medical records.


Launched in







But how does it benefit hospitals?

People are always filling forms in waiting rooms, and then someone enters that into the hospital system.

Mage is a paperless form which saves data entry time.
Sending patients' results over email/sms is not compliant. Asking them to log into the hospital portal is not convenient.
Mage is a compliant and convenient way to share records with patients.
Also things like verifying insurance, booking appointments. If you're into that kind of stuff.

Integrate Mage in 3 minutes.

We have a front-seat devotion to this goal.

Medical data is a crucial component of clinical practice, information about an allergy or underlying condition can make a life-saving difference in the ER. However, in most countries, reliance on paper records, which get lost and are illegible, means that most treatment will be administered with little knowledge of the patients' medical data.
Our efforts, however, exceed this one goal. The product extends to:

  • Verification of medical insurance and Certification of immunisations.
  • Distributed clinical studies when patients volunteer their medical data.
  • Insurance scoring to give customised better health plans
  • Telemedicine with online appointments and ordering prescribed medication
  • Monitoring baby health and tracking immunisations.
It builds the clerical discipline which could eradicate immunisable preventable diseases in developing countries.