How to save 18 minutes¹ in the waiting room.

Next time you have a doctor’s appointment, fill the form before you arrive and Naruto-run through the waiting room.

By our informal survey, patients spend 18 minutes¹, filling medical forms in the waiting room. What’s ironic, is we keep filling the same information, just different appointments.

The Mage way

Mage is an app. Just another app, is what we need, am I right? Apparently, yeah. Anyway, you can schedule the appointment before hand and get the forms earlier and pre-fill all the information from your Bio-data, or Apple Health or Google Fit.

Get it here

Can I really skip the line?

I didn’t realize this, but the waiting room is not a line. Every one has an appointment, remember? The hospital asks us to come earlier than our appointment time, and then we just sit there filling forms and waiting for our appointment time.

¹ The full report is available on request. Patient feedback based on an online survey.