Security and control

A secure ecosystem for managing and sharing medical data putting patients in control.

Fast & Seamless

Scan a QR code or Tap an NFC tag to check in and check out. Share your health record on arrival and leave with your diagnosis and prescription.


You can always get your records back even when you lose your phone, and say goodbye to illegible handwritten notes.

Partners' network

Transition to a new doctor or hospital and share your medical history in a minute


A single healthcare hub which gives you insights and warnings, and manages your appointments.


Rest easily behind our encryption and freedom of control. Your data is encrypted on the cloud, you got the keys.


Freedom to grant access to only the required sections of your data and access expires after a set time limit.

Welcome To Mage

A secure communication channel

The existing exchange of medical records between patients and hospitals is a mess. Fax, custom web portals for hospitals, sometimes even email. These channels have no interoperability and end up locking up data in silos.
Mage is like a messaging app for securely exchanging data within patients and hospitals.


End-to-end encryption

The data is encrypted ⚔️. When the user scans the hospital code, it is a public key to encrypt the data, so no one except the patient/hospital can read the patients' data 👐

Hospital network

Loved by patients, one step for hospitals

The hospital network is growing organically due to patient demand. Get your hospital on board.